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Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer
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Very low power requirements
Can be used in pumped or open deployments
Small size
6000 m depth capability
Good ambient light rejection
Linear output with Rhodamine WT concentration
Four programmable ranges
Low temperature coefficient
Low offset voltage does not require adjustment
Pin compatible with Seapoint Turbidity Meter and
    Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer

Interfaces easily with data acquisition systems
Rugged, corrosion-free materials

Profiling, Moored, Towed, or In-Line Measurements
Dye Trace Studies
Mixing and Dispersion Studies
Leak and Spill Detection
Flow Measurement
Reverse Osmosis Recovery Measurement

Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer Top View

Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer

The Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer (SRF) is a high-performance, low power instrument for in situ measurements of Rhodamine WT. Its small size, very low power consumption, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, 6000 meter depth capability, and open or pump-through sample volume options provide the power and flexibility to measure Rhodamine WT in a wide variety of conditions. The SRF uses modulated green LED lamps and a narrow-band excitation filter to excite Rhodamine WT. The fluorescent light emitted by the Rhodamine WT passes through an orange emission filter and is detected by a silicon photodiode. The low level signal is then processed using synchronous demodulation circuitry which generates an output voltage proportional to Rhodamine WT concentration. The SRF may be operated with or without a pump. The sensing volume may be left open to the surrounding water, or, with the use of the supplied cap, can have water pumped through it. Two control lines allow the user to set the range to one of four options. These lines may be hardwired or microprocessor controlled to provide a suitable range and resolution for a given application. The sensor is easily interfaced with data acquisition packages; a 5 ft. pigtail is supplied. Custom configurations are available.


Power Requirements:

Output Time Constant
Power-up Transient Period
Excitation Wavelength
Emission Wavelength
Sensing Volume
Minimum Detectable Level


Temperature Coefficient
Depth Capability
Weight (dry)
Operating Temperature
Underwater Connector

8-20 VDC, 15mA avg., 27mA pk.
0-5.0 VDC
0.1 sec.
< 1 sec.
540 nm CWL, 20 nm FWHM
610 nm CWL, 40 nm FWHM
340 mm3

0.02 g/l
Sensitivity, V/g/l
Range, g/l

< 0.3%/C
6000 m (19,685 ft)
1000 g (2.2 lbs)
0C to 65C (32F to 149F)
Rigid polyurethane
Impulse AG-306/206 (others available on request)

Schematic of Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer   

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